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Welcome to Sun Dial - Solomon Dean Chapter, NSDAR

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR) is a non-profit, non-political, volunteer women's service organization. The Sun Dial-Solomon Dean Chapter, NSDAR, was created in 2019 and is a merger of two long-standing chapters:

The Sun Dial Chapter, NSDAR, was organized on October 7, 1907, by Mrs. Anson Marston. The name of the chapter was suggested by Hattie Willey, a member who possessed a sun dial that was the property of Mr. Willey's paternal ancestor, the Elder William Brewster, beloved pastor of the Plymouth Colony.

Duplicate Sun Dial of Plymouth Colony

A duplicate of the Plymouth Colony sun dial was marked by the Sun Dial Chapter, NSDAR, in 1907 and is proudly displayed on a pedestal in the patriotic area of the Ames Municipal Cemetery at East 9th Street and Maxwell Avenue.
There are several historic areas in Ames, Iowa, home of the Sun Dial Chapter, NSDAR.
These historic areas have been marked by the chapter so they will not be forgotten in years to come.

Site of First House in Ames

East Ames was settled before Iowa State College (now Iowa State University) or "west" Ames. The first house built was just one block north of today’s Main Street. Noah and Matilda Webster built their house here in 1864. This site was marked by the Sun Dial Chapter, NSDAR, in 1934, with an inscribed bronze plaque affixed to a large boulder. You can find the plaque in Ames, Iowa, on the corner of 5th Street and Douglas Avenue.
Site of First House in “West” Ames marker

In 1856 or 1858, Washington J. Graham built the first house close to the Ames campus area, or “west” Ames. In 1855 he had received a U.S. Government Land Patent and was influential in acquiring land for the Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm – now Iowa State University. The restored house was moved in 1951 from its original Lincoln Way/Sheldon site to 216 Hayward Avenue, also in west Ames. In the 1990s, it was replaced with an apartment building to better serve the housing market. The Sun Dial Chapter, NSDAR, marked the original site July 4, 1976, in commemoration of the American Revolution Bicentennial. The plaque is located in west Ames, on the southeast corner of Lincoln Way and Sheldon Avenue.

Gravestone of Caroline Collins Brammer

Marked by the Sun Dial Chapter, NSDAR, in 1929, this plaque was placed on the gravestone of Caroline Collins Brammer, granddaughter of American Revolutionary War soldier Josiah Collins. The plaque and gravestone are located in the Dedham Cemetery in rural Carroll County.

The photographs above were taken by a chapter member.

The Solomon Dean Chapter, NSDAR, Nevada, Iowa, was organized on August 24, 1922 by Miss Carolyn Dean, organizing regent, and Miss Sybil Danskin, who were members at large and became charter members of the local chapter.  The chapter was named for the patriot ancestor of these two ladies, Solomon Dean.  Solomon Dean was born near Hartford, Connecticut, and came to Newburgh, Orange County, New York, in 1772.  At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, he enlisted in the Third New York Regiment.  His name appears in the pay book of the Ulster County Militia, Fourth Regiment.  He was one of the Corps of Engineers under Captain Peter Mills and Colonel Luther Baldwin, in General George Washington's command, and with Washington at Newburgh, Brandywine, and Valley Forge and witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781.  A number of the members of Solomon Dean Chapter, NSDAR, share this patriot of the Revolutionary War as their ancestor.


In August 1935, a native boulder, more than four feet in height and weighing over four tons, was placed in the Nevada cemetery.  In October of that same year, a bronze memorial plate bearing the the year of organization of Solomon Dean Chapter, NSDAR, and the year of the placement of the memorial stone was added.

Smaller bronze plates are inscribed with the names of some of the deceased chapter members.

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