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 Patriots of the American Revolution Buried in Iowa "Real Daughters" of Patriots of the Revolutionary War

Patriots of the Revolutionary War Buried in Iowa

Charles Harry (A052382)

Peter Holms/Holmes

John Lepper (A069366)

Isaac Mason Sr. (A074849)

Nathan Winton (A128958)

Francis Burrell (A019013)

Luther Bailey (A004725)

Daniel Bean (A200692)

William Blair (A010891)

Peter Gearhart (A043924)

John Morgan (A080475)

Frederick Ware (A120796)

Charles Shepherd

Eli Edwards

William Potter

William Sinkey

Lawrence Van Hook

Jacob Wiley

Achilles Rogers (A097959)

Lee County

Ebenezer Ayres

Timothy Breese (A013997)

Abrem Clark

Maltrom Mathew Elmore

Amos Glover (A045683)

Cato Mead

Joseph Patterson

George Perkins (A088771)

Nathan Brown (A015752)

John Osborn (A084487)

John Green

Sampson Price (A208132)

Richard J. Scarrem

William Crockett

Daniel Dow

Jeremiah Hatch (A052765)

Lewis Bonnett

Thomas Rhodes (A215113)

Jonathan R. Woody (A130145)

Timothy Brown (A015916)

Samuel Lewis (A070128)

Benjamin Bell (A008691)


Patriot Numbers are provided for those patriots that appear in the DAR GRS Database.
We regret that we cannot provide lineage information.   The information on this page cannot be used as proof of service for purposes of joining DAR.
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